Ouleout Golf in 2017 is excited to announce a novel format for a League 
Golf. The league will be a two man best ball, handicapped league.  
Participants may play their 9 holes anytime between Monday and Sunday.
Points will be awarded on individual holes scored, 1 point for Bogey, 
2 points for Par, 3 points for Birdie, 4 points for Eagle, 5 points for Double
Eagle. Teams may play alone at their convenience. The league will start 
April 10th and culminate week of October 2nd approximately, with a two man
best ball handicapped tournament, 18 holes on October 14th.
Each player must pay $3.00 to the league each time they play ($6/team).  
If 50 teams participate, there could be a potential for $7000 in prizes in the 
October tournament with possibly, two divisions flighted according to 
To be eligible for the October tournament, teams must not miss more than 
4 weeks thru the season. Subs are allowed, but teams must play the 
tournament with the 2 players that started the league and must play at least
75% of the matches together. If this criteria is not met, they will be unable
to play in the October Tournament.
Please call for tee times to make sure the course is open and able to
accommodate your request.
Inclement weather is NOT an excuse to miss a week, everyone has 7 days,
it’s up to the league members to choose their playing conditions. Don’t wait
until Sunday afternoon, if the weather is uncertain.  
  No Skins or Pin Shots. 70 and over can play the gold tees.

                                                                                                NEW LEAGUE